Baby Keeps Waking Up When I Put Her in the Crib

You know the scenario, I’m sure. Your little one is clearly exhausted, you shush and bounce and sing them off to sleep, place her ever-so-gently into the crib, then just as you’re walking out the door, their eyes pop open and you start the process all over again.

There’s a surprisingly simple reason why this happens so often, and if you’re one of the many parents struggling it, I’ll explain why, and what you can do to prevent it, in this week’s video.

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Can’t Live Without These Anti-Snoring Products

Snoring is not just a nasty habit but it is also the main symptom of a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. This condition is characterized by a constricted air flow because of thickened carotid wall arteries from the throat and the nasal tract leading to loud vibrations commonly known as snoring as air passes through the narrowed airway in your sleep. It can cause relationship problems not to mention the many health dangers it poses. A person literally stops breathing for a few seconds and it happens many times throughout their sleep.

There is insufficient oxygen reaching the brain and all the cells in the body making you predisposed to life-threatening conditions like cardiac diseases and heart attack that are some of the main causes of human mortality. Fortunately, technology has afforded us with innovations that may not yet cure sleep apnea but at least curb its loud snoring and other symptoms. If you sleep better, your body will be in a better shape and you’ll be able to live longer by getting enough quality sleep at night without constantly worrying about the dangers of sleep apnea or the discomforts caused by snoring.

The rising awareness towards the hazardous health effects of snoring across developed nations has escalated the demand for anti-snoring treatments in the market. The increase in the number of alcohol and cigarette consuming population, who suffer from snoring problems at some point in their life, is also a major factor to foster the growth of this market. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), per capita alcohol consumption in half of the member countries of WHO such as USA, U.K, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Georgia, etc is expected to witness a continuous rise up until 2025.

Significant increase in the percentage of obese population across developed nations has been predicted by Organization for Economic Co-operation And Development (OECD). It has been estimated that by the year 2030 the percentage of obese population in United States, Mexico and England will reach to 47%, 39% and 35% respectively.  Obese population being prone to catch sleeping disorders and snoring more

Space Maintainers Laboratories Clear Sleep Oral Appliance

SML – Space Maintainers Laboratories’ Clear Sleep reduces nighttime snoring and mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults by moving the mandible forward in 1 mm increments and opening the airway for easier, unrestricted breathing. The device received FDA clearance in 2017 and SML began fabricating it in April 2018.

The appliance consists of the following features:

  • Customized upper and lower trays to meet the needs of each individual patient
  • Patented strong and durable stabilizing posts for attachment of connector rods
  • A series changeable connector rods that provide for mandibular advancement in 1 mm increments
  • Up to 7mm advancement (based on protrusive bite provided with the working models)

The Customized Trays can be fabricated using various materials based on individual patient needs as follows:

  • The standard design is comprised of two lightweight, low volume (PMT) pressure molded trays using dual laminate material that BPA-free. This design requires fairly well aligned teeth with few edentulous spaces.
  • All Acrylic Trays: In the event of numerous mal-aligned teeth, several edentulous areas, or lack of sufficient natural undercuts, the recommended design is fabricated using MMPA splint acrylic and incorporates several ball clasps for retention. This allows for fine-tuning the retention based on the patients needs.
  • If patient is a heavy bruxer or clencher: an anterior discluding element, and/or bilateral posterior acrylic pads, can be added to both the PMT and the all Acrylic designs to help control bruxism or to increase vertical if needed for patients with TMD. These additions can be easily modified as needed during treatment.

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When Should I Nighttime Potty Train?

Potty training your child when they’re awake during the day is a challenge in its own right, but getting them to use the bathroom when they wake up in the night is a different story altogether.

It can be a bit confusing to know how to proceed in this stage. We don’t want to encourage our little ones to go in their diaper, but we don’t want to put any unreasonable expectations on them either.

So today, I’ve got some great tips to help you recognize when your child is ready for nighttime potty training, and a little advice about whether or not to take that first step and ditch the diapers in the night.

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Why wait? Try out my No-Sweat Potty Training Program and get started today! The sooner you get the process started, the sooner you can bid farewell to diapers and baby wipes, and you and your child can both celebrate your new-found independence.

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Don’t Let Snoring Get The Better Of You

Around half of the world’s population snores. In reality, not all habitual snorers have an underlying condition like sleep apnea that is responsible for their loud snoring.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, sleep apnea sufferers snore in their sleep. The snoring in itself is a major distraction to sleeping especially to your partner and it can cause disagreements that sometimes lead to having separate sleeping arrangements or even break up for real and for good. Meanwhile, many fail to realize how deadly this condition is considering a person literally stops breathing for a few seconds when they are asleep and it happens countless times all through the night.

When you snore, you are more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality that leads to daytime fatigue. As a result, you become accident-prone and unable to focus on your tasks especially the ones requiring your utmost attention and concentration.

The best way to overcome snoring and protect yourself from its many dangers is to understand why snoring happens in the first place. The vibrating sound we all know as snoring is actually the sound the air makes when passing a constricted airway in your slumber. By now, you are already aware that it has no cure but there are different alternatives to managing it and keeping the snoring at bay.

What makes us snore?

Not every snorer sounds the same – there’s the freight train impersonator, pneumatic drill, and wounded walrus to name but three – and it turns out that people snore for a variety of reasons. So why do some of us snore and not others?

‘When we are awake, we have enough muscle tone to keep our airway open,’ says Consultant ENT Surgeon Michael Oko. ‘But when we sleep, we lose muscle tone and the tongue, throat and roof of the mouth relax, causing the loose tissue in the throat to sag, which narrows the airways.

‘For some, this reduced breathing space causes the soft tissue in the air passages to vibrate, which results in snoring. Other people snore because they have an obstruction,

Sleep Advice for Adults

With all of the emphasis we put on getting our babies to sleep, we tend to forget how essential it is to adults as well. I’ve worked with a lot of parents who, after getting their babies sleeping through the night, didn’t do anything to improve their own sleep habits, and still complained of feeling tired throughout the day.

There’s just no denying it, sleep is a cornerstone of our health and well-being, and adults can have as much of a problem sleeping through the night as their kids. So today, I have some advice for the grown-ups out there who are struggling to get a full eight hours, even though their babies are now sleeping peacefully through the night.

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If your baby, infant or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night, help is just a click away! The Sleep Sense Program has helped over 57,00 parents to get their kids sleeping 11-12 hours through the night AND taking long, restful naps during the day. If you’re ready to get started today – I’m looking forward to helping you!

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Get Treated For Sleep Apnea

Most people dismiss sleep apnea as a condition with the annoying habit most older guys are guilty of. There are actually a lot of women who snore too. If you think that technology has done its part in improving human life in general, there is a lot of work still needed for the management of sleep apnea. Most management only focuses on curbing snoring, which is the most noticeable symptom of sleep apnea, but only addressing snoring is a mere palliative treatment. You don’t really get to the bottom of sleep apnea itself.

Sleep apnea is a serious health issue. You shouldn’t just dismiss it and simply associate it with snoring because they are not one and the same. Not all snorers are diagnosed with sleep apnea but most people with sleep apnea snore in their sleep. If you don’t get treated, you may suffer from various complications that would only worsen your health over time. Sleep is essential for good health and if you constantly suffer from poor sleep each night, you will suffer from sleep deprivation and other more deadly conditions like heart attack and stroke.

Treating a common sleep disorder immediately after a stroke or mini-stroke may improve patients’ neurological symptoms and daily functioning, a small study suggests.

At least 25 million adults in the U.S. have obstructive sleep apnea, which causes their airway to close, briefly halting breathing, for a few seconds multiple times during sleep. The condition has been linked with increased risk for heart attack, hypertension, sudden death, stroke and faster progression of cardiovascular disease. Sleep apnea sufferers can use CPAP machines to keep their airway open during sleep.


People who are always lacking in sleep are also more irritable aside from feeling drowsy all the time. They are unable to concentrate on their work because they feel the weight of not being able to sleep soundly at night. Seek a doctor or a sleep specialist to get a definite diagnosis of sleep apnea. You may need to stay at a sleep facility for the night and get attached to …

AASM and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Taylor Team Up to Tackle Sleep Apnea

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and former NFL offensive lineman Aaron Taylor have partnered to launch two new public service announcements (PSAs) urging television viewers to “Defend Your Sleep” by talking to a doctor about obstructive sleep apnea.

“Sleep apnea afflicts nearly 30 million American adults, and most of them remain untreated, increasing their risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, and type 2 diabetes,” says AASM president Douglas B. Kirsch, MD, in a release. “With Aaron’s help, we hope to further educate the community about the warning signs of sleep apnea and demonstrate that many of the damaging effects of the disease can be stopped, and even reversed, through diagnosis and treatment by the sleep team at an accredited sleep center.”

For Taylor, sleep apnea is personal. An avid snorer since he was in high school, he found himself with a lack of energy that began to affect his family life and performance on the field. However, it was not until two friends with sleep apnea died prematurely that he sought help from his doctor.

“At the end of the day, I wasn’t going to let unhealthy sleep take away the opportunities I have in life to spend precious time with my wife and children,” says Taylor. “My family encouraged me to undergo a sleep study, and it was one of the best decisions of my life because I started feeling like my old self again and getting more of what I wanted out of my life. I want to share my experience with others and hope these public service announcements further a much-needed conversation about sleep apnea.”

In a 30-second PSA, Taylor speaks with studio host Adam Zucker and fellow football analysts Randy Cross and Brian Jones about the sleep apnea warning signs that he experienced. Taylor also urges viewers to get help for sleep apnea in a 15-second PSA.

According to the AASM, typical risk factors and symptoms of sleep apnea include:

  • Snoring: Loud and frequent snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea. More than just a nuisance to your bed partner or roommate, snoring

Best Memory Foam and Bamboo Mattress Toppers

Do you want a fast and easy way to improve the quality of your sleep?

Then you need a mattress topper.

Maybe your current mattress isn’t as soft as you’d like it to be, but you aren’t ready to spend money on a new one. In that case, a plush mattress topper can make your bed feel more comfortable and inviting.

Is your mattress too soft for your liking? Then a firm mattress topper can give you the extra support you’re looking for.

A mattress topper can help protect your mattress, so it’ll last longer. A mattress topper can also protect you from any bacteria, mold or allergens that are hiding in your current mattress.

Yes, using a mattress topper has many benefits. But there are a lot of mattress toppers to choose from. How do you pick the right one?

Here are our reviews of some of the best mattress toppers on the market. We’ve tried to provide a variety of options to meet different needs and budgets. You’ll also find tips that will help you choose a mattress topper that’s right for you.


Top 5 Mattress Toppers

1. Sleep Innovations 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

According to the makers of the Sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper, sleeping on this product is like sleeping on a cloud. And many of their satisfied customers seem to agree.

This comfortable, 4 inch thick mattress topper is composed of two layers. First, there’s a 2 inch layer of fluffy, quilted fiber fill. This layer makes the topper feel plush …

When is the Right Time to Potty Train?

As you’ve probably come to understand by now, no parenting question has a perfect, specific answer. There are always factors to consider when deciding whether or not to encourage your child onto a new milestone, and potty training is no exception. In today’s video, I’ll help you identify some signs that your little one is ready to start potty training, and help you determine something equally as important… Whether or not YOU”RE ready!

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