SomniFix Is a Finalist in P&G Ventures 2020 Innovation Challenge

Procter & Gamble Ventures, the early stage startup studio within P&G, announced the four finalists for the 2020 P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge. Finalists have been awarded an all-expense paid trip to pitch their products live at The International Consumer Electronics Show at 9:30 am PST on Wednesday, January 8.

The live pitch competition will take place at the P&G LifeLab Stage, Booth #42131, Sands Expo Convention Center, Las Vegas. Winners will be announced via Twitter at @PGVStudio.

For the 2020 Innovation Challenge, P&G Ventures leveraged the KITE SRM platform and operating system to identify, recruit, evaluate, and select this year’s finalists. More than 100 contestants across the United States participated in this year’s challenge, seeking cash prizes, expert guidance from industry leaders, and entry into industry leading accelerators as P&G seeks partners for new CPG product development in women’s health, chronic conditions, enhanced sleep, aging at home, personal performance, male wellness, and non-toxic home care.

The 2020 P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge finalists are:

  • Dr. Bryan Fuller, Founder and CEO of DermaMedics
  • Dr. Sanna Gaspard, Founder and CEO of Rubitection
  • Richard Hanbury, Founder of Sana
  • Nicholas Michalak, CEO of SomniFix

Bryan Fuller is the founder and CEO of DermaMedics, a skin care company that specializes in the discovery of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging technologies for the dermatology market.

Sanna Gaspard is the founder and CEO of Rubitection, a medical device startup that is empowering anyone to take the health of their skin into the palm of their hands with a skin wellness tool, the Rubitect Assessment System, that improves the detection, assessment, and care management of dermatological and vascular conditions.

Richard Hanbury is the founder of Sana, a neuromodulation wearable for the control of chronic pain, addiction, and anxiety.

And in the sleep space, Nicholas Michalak is the CEO of SomniFix, an over-the-counter solution to a complex issue: snoring and CPAP noncompliance. SomniFix Strips are noninvasive sleep aids that curb mouth breathing, which SomniFix says is a primary cause of snoring and CPAP noncompliance. By reducing the incidence of mouth breathing, SomniFix Strips ensure that users maintain optimal nasal breathing patterns to achieve the highest-quality sleep.

“Following the success of last year’s P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge at CES, I am excited to hear the pitches from this year’s four finalists,” says Leigh Radford, VP and GM of P&G Ventures, in a release. “These companies have the potential to change the way we live our lives, and we at P&G Ventures are looking forward to engaging with them and learning more about the innovative solutions they’re bringing to market.”

The winner of the 2020 Innovation Challenge will receive $10,000 from P&G Ventures, a complimentary invitation to the EY Strategic Growth Forum, and qualify as a finalist in a Techstars accelerator.

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